While the UK remains on lockdown due to Covid-19 we have revised our on-boarding experience for new hires across the country. We are still recruiting, and now, more than ever, we want to ensure our new members feel just as welcome as they always would.

  What is the digital on-boarding experience?

Digital on-boarding - or virtual on-boarding - is the approach we are taking during the Covid-19 pandemic to ensure new members are supported, informed and made to feel welcome as they commence their new role with CGI.

Working remotely presents its own challenges, some of which we have covered in this recent blog post. We are working hard to ensure we support both new recruits and existing members during this unprecedented time.

  How we’re supporting new members during Covid-19

We appreciate that regular contact and communication is critical for new hires, from the point of offer and acceptance, and on-going.

New members will receive:

  • Regular, proactive contact and support from their manager and their assigned workplace ‘buddy’
  • Technical set up, administration and support from our remote off-shore team
  • An induction workshop via Webex
  • Online induction and mandatory training.

That’s the formal stuff, but we’re also a sociable bunch, even though we are in lock-down! New members can expect:

  • Daily support from their buddy
  • Video conferencing to ‘meet’ the team
  • Phone calls from team members to introduce themselves
  • Virtual social events to welcome them into the team, and more!

Our aim is to welcome our new members as warmly as possible despite the virtual setting. We were delighted to hear that one or our new hires found our digital on-boarding a positive experience.

They emailed us to say:
“I started my new role working remotely (the new normal!), and CGI has impressed with fantastic communication and eagerness to make this as stress-free as possible. I look forward to the new challenge.”

To all new members in the UK, “Welcome!” And to those considering a change of role at this time, please take a look at our available positions. We would love to hear from you!