Moving from Portugal to the Netherlands to retrain as a software engineer. Eduarda Silva did exactly that to join the CGI Space Team.

“I had to learn a lot when I came here, but everyone is really nice and helpful.”

‘In September 2021 I joined the CGI Space Class. A Graduate Class where I learned a lot about the space program and IT. In Portugal I trained as a mechanical engineer. When I found out I actually wanted to be a software engineer, I started looking for new possibilities. I was looking for another career and better opportunities so I decided to search beyond Portuguese borders. CGI rose to the top of my list because they offer plenty of training and courses and I expected to learn a lot here. This decision meant I had to move to the Netherlands. Quite tensive but I had already studied abroad for a year, so I thought it would work out.'

Graduate Class

‘In the Graduate Class I learned a lot about IT and CGI. In addition, we familiarized ourselves with working on our subject in an international team through a case study. My case study focused on the International Space Station. A highly educational time and because of the intensive teamwork I made friends right away. An added bonus!’

Space Team

‘After two months in the Graduate Class, I started in the development section of the Space Team. I can't say much about our work because most of it is secret. What I can say is that I work on the Galileo program and that I build software releases for satellite operations together with the team. I very much wanted to join the Space Team. During my studies as a mechanical engineer I had already come into contact with space and the subject immediately grabbed my attention. I also did a bit of programming at that time. In my current position as a software engineer I have the great opportunity to combine the two things I love.’

Further development

‘I really enjoy working at CGI. It matches my interests and my colleagues are nice and helpful. I had a lot to learn when I came here. More so because I had no IT background. But everyone helps me when I need something. The Space Team is extremely international, with colleagues from the Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Ireland and Portugal. That is a lot of fun and I immediately felt welcome. I see many opportunities to develop myself even further at CGI. Before coming here I only knew MATLAB and now I am learning other programming languages ​​as well, such as JAVA. I was a bit afraid, but I'm starting to get used to it and I like it a lot. I still have a long way to go, but CGI offers me every opportunity to develop myself and learn even more. I think that is a wonderful prospect!’