Product launches are one of the most complex programs for life sciences companies. They are multi-year, global initiatives, involving every department in the enterprise. Managing these launch programs can be extremely challenging, especially for companies bringing their first product to market. In addition to the complexity of the launch itself, transforming an R&D company to one with commercial capabilities adds even greater challenges with new organizational structures, business processes, business partners and commercial culture.

CGI’s BioIgnition offering provides a proven approach and toolset for planning and executing successful launch programs. Built from years of experience working with biotech and pharmaceutical companies in commercial launch initiatives, BioIgnition provides expertise, methodologies, tools and templates and the confidence to successfully execute your product launch.

No two product launches are alike, even within a single company, and there is never a “one-size-fits-all” launch plan. CGI will work with you to develop and tailor launch programs that meet your specific needs based on therapeutic areas, types of products, geographies and partnering strategies for manufacturing, distribution and sales and marketing operations.

BioIgnition delivers a distinctive set of services and capabilities to ensure launch programs are structured and successful.