In partnership with CGI, the Police Foundation embarked upon a project to explore how digitisation could be better harnessed by agencies across the justice system with a particular emphasis on the benefits to service-users.

Through consultation with industry experts and policymakers we hoped to be able to not only identify continuing barriers to change, but also to propose innovative solutions to age-old problems of inefficiency and user-dissatisfaction. As part of this process a number of roundtable discussions were also facilitated, alongside some informal interviews. All of these sessions were held under the Chatham House Rule.

Our criminal justice system (CJS) is beset by inefficiency. While technology has revolutionised service delivery in the private sector, and even other parts of government, our justice system often remains wedded to archaic practices and out-dated legacy IT systems, resulting in inefficient and increasingly inadequate services.

The report examines how digitisation and emerging technologies offer the opportunity to resolve some of these challenges. Technology can streamline processes, join-up services and achieve a more efficient and more cost effective CJS that delivers improved outcomes for victims, witnesses, defendants and offenders.

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