The CGI-supported THINGUIDE to Cyber Security for Business provides practical advice and guidance to business leaders who are looking to implement or check the appropriateness of their organisation’s cyber security strategy. The second edition of the THINGUIDE has undergone an update to ensure the latest standards and legislation updates are covered and includes a new chapter looking at the impact of emerging technologies.

The guide is structured into easy to read and logically ordered chapters, which can be used as individual reference points or to build an overall plan. The sections are:

  • Establish leadership
  • Appoint response team
  • Understand the threat landscape
  • Assess risks and scope
  • Create a company-wide culture
  • Keep on top of the legal landscape
  • Know your partners and suppliers
  • Know how to get good advice
  • Document everything
  • Create a review process.
  • Embrace the future

The THINGUIDE to Cyber Security is supported by the Scottish Business Resilience Centre. You can view the flipbook online, or download a copy of the PDF. Please get in touch with us at if you’d like to discuss the contents of the book, or how we can help you build an effective cyber security strategy.