Fighting financial crime with Protect the Bank

Since 2008, financial institutions have faced an ever growing burden of regulation and compliance. For regional and global financial institutions, this challenge has been even greater in the absence of a global regulator. Without global regulation, each region or country has had to define and communicate their own rules. Working out which rules to apply to an individual transaction within a global bank is a highly complex task.

At the same time, the world is moving to real-time processing, and as banks continue to drive their digital transformations to satisfy client demands for online, real-time processing available anytime, anywhere. The problem in terms of compliance is that real-time transactions need to be monitored and scanned in real time. With the average cost of a single alert now exceeding $34, banks have to find a way to become more efficient and more cost-effective.

CGI’s Protect the Bank is a new vision and architecture which includes a number of digital enablers (Cyber, AI, Intelligent Self Learning and Big Data/Digital Insights) which are designed to help banks drive efficiency and effectiveness in their fight against organised and financial crime. It can be applied to any bank, irrespective of its current infrastructure or processing software. 

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