Harness the power of Mobile Apps in your business

Driving productivity through mobility means more than handing field workers a device and letting them get on with it. You need the right Mobile Apps in place to help them get the job done.

Your field workers need to share data between their devices and your network. You can’t have teams returning to the office after each task to log it as complete — before heading back out again to the next job.

CGI’s solution

Mobile Apps streamline your processes and improve performance by giving your workforce access to all the information it needs, wherever employees are.

Our mobile app, MyJobs, allows your field workers to access and share information on their mobile devices. It also gives them the ability to send updates back to your office, and create new notifications on-site.

MyJobs features

MyJobs uses standard Systems, Applications and Products (SAP) in data processing technology to:

  • Give you platform-independent mobile software
  • Work in ‘offline mode’ to deliver SAP data through mobile devices
  • Capture updates and feed back to your central servers
  • Give you an integrated GIS/Map capability
  • Offer a push function

This also means you can run it without specialist communications software, a dedicated message hub or additional licensing.

MyJobs covers the processes you need to make the most of mobility:

  • Data creation and assignment
  • Data updates in the back-end system
  • Timesheets
  • Notifications
  • Technical objects
  • Measurements and counters
  • Signature capture
  • Inventory

Key benefits

  • Increase your efficiency by ten per cent
  • Increase your productivity by 20 per cent
  • Remove redundant processes (and reduce your paperwork)
  • Save around £800 per employee each year

Why CGI?

  • We have 4,000 SAP consultants working with clients around the world
  • We offer an operating model that fosters local accountability for client satisfaction and success
  • Our delivery capabilities are global — provided through centres located on four continents
  • Our ISO-9001-certified frameworks deliver projects on time, and on budget