Accelerate time-to-market with a more powerful and agile mediation, rating and billing solution

We live in the digital era, change is happening at a phenomenal rate and this brings real pressures and opportunities to the Telco and Media players. We are increasingly seeing the move from segmentation (fixed, mobile, Internet, TV) to convergence with multiple-play bundles from Communications Service Providers (CSPs). Increasing competition and new market entrants (MVNO, VoIP, SI’s, Cloud providers) have resulted in accelerated product launches, price cuts, a higher focus on customer loyalty (personalized offers), an increasing focus on indirect sales though partners, and the need to tap into new business, such as machine2machine (M2M) and cloud.

Yet many CSPs still have multiple mediation, rating and billing systems running in parallel, which strangle and slow down business initiatives. Systems are unable to implement new or changed rate plans immediately, complex bundles and non-telecom products. Likewise, they are unable to incorporate services provided by the CSP cloud, far from using the cloud to offer "billing as a service."

To be successful Telco and Media players need to meet customers’ expectations. Consumers and enterprise customers expect to get access to the latest technology and capability wherever they happen to be. They want to switch between mobile and wi-fi seamlessly. They are constantly shopping around for faster, bigger, better packages. CSPs have to introduce new products quickly, ensuring these services can be provisioned, billed and paid for efficiently, raising pertinent questions:

  • How will we bundle and promote our new products and services with existing offerings?
  • How will we provision and orchestrate new products and services?
  • How do we ensure we can set up the rating rules effectively especially with flexible tariffs to enable loyalty programs, promotions, and real-time up-sell and cross-sell strategies?
  • How do we interact with our customers the way they want?
  • How will we bill for the broad new range of products and services?
  • How do we minimise revenue leakage?
  • How do we ensure cost effective collection?

Getting your idea to the mass market sooner

CGI is in the unique position of having developed Mass Data Billing (MDB). It provides an answer to all of these issues and opens your organisation up to a huge range of further business opportunities, whilst minimising risk and operational upheaval. With MDB CSPs quickly adopt agile business solutions that enable them to address their customers’ demands for new innovative product offerings. By transforming their billing infrastructure CSPs can achieve rapid time to market, high levels of automation and performance, efficient operations and reporting using one integrated system:

With MDB you can:

  • Configure your products and product mix to meet your customers’ demands
  • Automate the business rules you need to get your products to market fast.
  • Allow business managers across disparate lines of business, select and manage all aspects of their product choices
  • Deliver operational excellence in your customer service centre
  • Effectively map out the provisioning journey for each product
  • Determine the rating you want applied to your events in real-time
  • Set up invoices the way you want them, delivering them to the customer in a range of formats
  • Establish your own view of your customers’ credit worthiness to formulate appropriate means to collect amounts due
  • Enjoy a fast implementation – typically a few months – and cost-effective pay-as-you-grow model
  • Deploy an enhanced tier-1 solution which easily integrates with legacy OSS-BSS-IN-CRM-ERP and many other CSP business operational systems in-situ, ensuring maximum return from existing investments, without being tied to the constraints of these old technologies.

We have a long track record in supporting Telecoms businesses, with over 100 implementations of billing and settlement systems world-wide. CGI offer a way to deliver these services more quickly and with less risk which can be demonstrated to you today. Our successful heritage in the CSP sector and know-how to bring innovation to our clients makes a significant difference to your top-line revenues, profit margin and customer satisfaction.

Contact us today to explore how we can help you to achieve higher customer satisfaction and increase your revenues.