Higher customer satisfaction, more accurate billing

Our customer care and billing BPS offering, has been designed to support our clients’ core business by interacting directly on their behalf with customers and other parties and driving efficiencies and accuracy in billing. Our customer service and billing expertise drives revenue, reduces operational costs and improves end-customer satisfaction.

We process and fulfil customer transactions and service requests, both online and through our contact centres, and also handle customer billing processes. Our services are supported by industry-leading IP-based business platforms, a high level of automation, and deep knowledge of your industry.

CGI have invested heavily in building an industrialised, managed ‘as-a-service’ platform, ready to solve the pressing challenges many ‘high transaction-volume’ businesses face across multiple sectors. The service is available either as an end-to-end service, or as a modular service which can be used as a tactical addition to existing business operations.

We are already helping many different organisations reduces capital expenditure (up to 80%), reduces IT TCO (up to 50%) and streamline their business processes for optimal flexibility.

Telecoms and utilities customer service and billing

In the telecoms industry, we run the provisioning and revenue management processes of a major telecoms operator that supplies broadband services in the U.K. through other retailers. Our contact centre handles three million technical and service enquiries each year from more than a half million retail customers. We have reduced costs for our client by more than 65% in three years.

In the utilities industry, we run the customer service/billing processes and contact centre for the electricity, gas and broadband products of a major utility provider in Denmark. We have been able to significantly reduce the client’s costs, increase its revenue and improve its end-customer satisfaction through increased billing accuracy.

In addition, our Smart Metering services enable data to be sent automatically from many different types of meters to a central hub. This rapidly growing service is a market leader in the U.K., with more than 225,000 meters currently serviced.

For both the utilities and telecoms sectors, as well as in the manufacturing, retail and distribution industries, we have recently developed our Mass Data Billing (MDB) platform based on market-leading best-of-breed technologies, enhanced with end-to-end sector-specific process maps, which enables clients across multiple sectors to accurately deliver the complete consume to cash process flow in real time across multiple changing product lines with multiple changing tariffs.

Health customer service and billing

We have won (March 2013) contracts to design, build and operate an end-to-end back office service for two newly established co-operative health insurance providers in Kentucky and Louisiana. This includes enrolment, premium collection and claims administration, including full customer care service. We also provide advisory, enrolment, billing and reconciliation services for US citizens and insurers under the Government Pharmacy Program (Medicare Part D).

Government customer service and billing

With our BPS passport and visa services in the government sector, we support the processing of 14 million U.S. passport applications each year, managing the entire lifecycle from handling inquiries, to receiving applications, to the production and delivery of passports.

We accomplish this from 25 government locations and 2 dedicated facilities. We also support the production of passport cards for travel to Canada and Mexico. Internationally, we play a key role in providing assistance to applicants in the U.S. visa application process in 33 countries

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