CLS Manager

Continuous Linked System (CLS) is the world’s largest multi-currency cash settlement system. It supports banks today in eliminating settlement risk by matching, netting and settling foreign exchange. Today it supports over half the world’s FX payment instructions and continues to expand its range and reach.

CGI have been there since day one, in fact we helped design the system. Now we process over 30% of CLS FX traffic and are working with CLS member banks globally, making sure they stay ahead of the game by taking advantage of the latest CLS features.

Our market leading CLS Manager product) has been designed to support member banks in the control, reconciliation and automation of their CLS business. Its component-based, multi-tiered architecture, allows flexibility while seamlessly integrating with the bank’s IT environment, applications and financial messaging systems.

CLS Manager assures security and reliability, even if you regularly settle in excess of 400,000 trades per day. Its flexibility and scalability means information is delivered effortlessly between all internal departments, as well as third and fourth party organisations, regardless of size.

Liquidity and Cash Optimiser – Helping banks to save millions…

Regulators have been calling for improved cash management for many years and it is in the banks interest to improve their processes too. For many banks over 40% of their large value payments are between different entities within the same banking group. However, by making these payments through external agents the bank has to pay for each external payment – and this soon adds up.

Based on CLS Manager, our Liquidity and Cash Optimiser product (LCO) has been developed to help banks a step further. By managing the netting of in-house trades and cash flows LCO has the potential to save the bank millions per year as well as streamline their cash management activities.

Why CGI?

With over 35 years’ experience, CGI has unrivalled knowledge of delivering payments products and solutions. We helped design the CLS system and have been there from day one helping banks get the most from Foreign Exchange.