In the face of escalating payment volumes and sustained revenue pressure, it’s important for banks to gain greater efficiencies to maintain their profitability. This is a challenge, however, in light of ever changing regulatory requirements, the demand for more transparent costs and charges, as well as fragmented messaging and payment systems and infrastructures. Moreover, banks must meet these challenges while delivering the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction.

The answer is to consolidate and transform messaging connectivity and capabilities to gain the flexibility and control that effective payment management requires. Consolidating multiple systems onto regional or global messaging hubs enables banks to achieve a quick return on investment by centralizing traffic through a single application, reducing both operational and network costs while improving their efficiency and customer service.

CGI’s FASTWIRE Open solution delivers the highest throughput of any financial messaging product on the market and can be tailored to meet the requirements of banks of all sizes. Its cutting-edge platform, based on a proven service-oriented open architecture and tried-and-tested infrastructure, delivers high performance and reliability while driving down the cost of financial messaging.

Its ability to process and route all message types enables banks to choose the most cost-effective route and eliminate unnecessary transaction fees. FASTWIRE Open’s scalability and compatibility with all message formats and hosts makes it the ideal solution for both global banks and smaller, growing institutions.

FASTWIRE Open supports the following:

  • SWIFTNet 7, including Relationship Management
  • Migration from and interoperability between SWIFTNet FIN/MT to MX and proprietary XML formats
  • SWIFTNet business solutions based on InterAct, FileAct and Browse (e.g., funds or cash management)
  • Open development technologies such as Java, UNIX (certified on AIX, Solaris and Linux) Web browser interface and Web services

FASTWIRE Open is based on more than 35 years of experience in delivering payment and messaging solutions. CGI is a provider to 70% of the world’s largest financial institutions and an industry leader in end-to-end payment hubs that enable banks to move from duplicated, siloed systems to a modern hub environment. Our systems carry more than 20% of all SWIFT FIN messages, representing more than $15 trillion in daily transfers.