The next generation of banking

Retail and business banking is changing. Whether because of the financial crisis, scandal, regulation, technology or new entrants, the old is changing and the new is challenging.

Customer centricity, experience and service will be the “must-have” differentiators for a financial institution. To take advantage they will need to have the best customer insight gained from their own and “social” data sources. This will require instant delivery, on a 24/7 basis across multiple digital channels in a secure manner. In this way financial organisations will not only protect their traditional businesses, but also extend their franchise to a new world of commerce and affinity transactions.

An early win, but a key stepping stone on this path, is for them to support the mobile and the tablet. But with the spread of touch screen technology, this should be described as “digital - apps friendly” banking, enabled and underpinned by a robust, proven bank-grade solution not simply “mobile” banking.

Many financial institutions are finding already, it’s not that easy to achieve. Furthermore customers also want a personalised experience every time they bank. This requires a financial institution to collect and use data in a way that is unique to everyone.

We understand the challenges they are facing

  • Security of the mobile channel and its growing complexity
  • Speed to market – at odds to traditional banking practices
  • Choosing the right partner and technology for now and tomorrow

Why CGI?

CGI has been at the forefront of banking innovation and payments processing for over 40 years. Our financial software solutions enable the transfer of more than $5 trillion per day.

Our domain expertise helps financial organisations understand the impact and direction that digital banking is headed. We bring our cross sector knowledge of mobile to help you create, determine and harden your mobile strategy.

Our strategic alliance with Monitise combines CGI’s established IT and consulting services, payments expertise and local market knowledge in Europe with Monitise’s bank-grade Mobile Money capabilities.

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