Customer service and billing – delivered as a service

In today’s 24/7 market place, competition is fierce and the customer is king. Customers are demanding increasingly high levels of customer service while the digital era has ensured a dramatic increase in transactions. Organizations across the board are feeling the strain. Budget cuts, tight resources and multitude of process systems are adding more pressure.

Our customer service and billing proposition is based on CGI’s Mass Data Billing suite, and has been designed to support our clients’ core business by interacting directly on their behalf with customers and other parties to drive efficiencies and accuracy in customer care, billing, and financial reconciliation. Our customer service and billing expertise drives revenue, reduces operational costs and improves end-customer satisfaction.

  • Transport authorities will no longer need to invest in multiple back-office ticketing systems to address new modes of transport.
  • Telco and Media companies no longer need to maintain and support multiple BSS stacks to facilitate multiple geographies, multiple target-markets, or multiple product/service bundles.
  • Retail organisations no longer need disparate back-office systems to manage their various go-to-market channels which traditionally deliver inconsistent customer experience.
  • Utility and Energy companies no longer have to be constrained by legacy customer and billing systems, which are inflexible to the demands of smart-metering and offering diversified service portfolios to their customers on a single bill.

CGI customer service and billing is an out-of-the-box, pay-as-you-use service which vastly reduces capital expenditure (up to 80%), reduces IT TCO (up to 50%) and streamlines business processes for optimal flexibility. It has been designed with the end user in mind and can be delivered as an end-to-end managed service or modules can be used as tactical additions to existing systems.

CGI’s Customer Care and Billing Service enables organisations create a winning business by:

  • Delivering unprecedented business agility so new product launches can be taken to market fast
  • Creating a consistent customer experience
  • Enabling efficient financial reconciliation
  • Decreasing revenue leakage
  • Consolidating multiple disparate systems at a suitable pace
  • Lowering operating costs
  • Delivering real customer insight
  • Understanding how you drive profitable revenues and shareholder value

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