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Mark Thompson

Data access and user experience: key success factors to reach Net Zero objectives

25 January 2021 Data and technology can play a fundamental role in the challenging journey towards Net Zero, as discovered by a CGI survey ahead of last year’s NWG Innovation Festival design sprint.

CGI has been awarded a contract by the European Space Agency (ESA) to develop an innovative 5G facility at the European Centre for Space Applications and Telecommunications (ECSAT)

This video shows how the City of Edinburgh Council and CGI are working together to transform the region to Scotland’s Smart Capital City, enabling them to harness technology to ensure they deliver higher quality services to their citizens.

CGI has signed an extension to its contract with Scottish Borders Council, which will see the global IT and business consulting services company continue as the local authority’s primary provider of end-to-end managed IT services until 2040.

Rich Hampshire
Rich Hampshire

Race to Net Zero - Why data (and a plan) are the key to winning the race

12 October 2020 To beat climate change and reach Net Zero targets, private and public organisations need to focus on data and build an actionable game plan.

Pulina Abeywickrama
Pulina Abeywickrama

Race to Net Zero - Making sense of the jargon

05 October 2020 Whether you are just starting out on your Net Zero journey, or want to take your sustainability strategy to the next level, time to get clarity on what all of the jargon really means.

CGI has signed a six-year extension to its contract with City of Edinburgh Council, extending the global IT and business consulting services company’s role as primary provider of end-to-end managed IT services to the local authority until 2029.