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CGI joined Digital Catapult for the launch of Northern Ireland’s largest 5G testbed, set to supercharge smart manufacturing and education in the region

Kyle Burke
Kyle Burke

Enterprise strategies for digital transformation

23 October 2023 This blog explores essential digital transformation strategies that have been proven to work from the experience of our Agile Digital Leaders and Enterprise Coaches, and in particular what opportunities this presents for your business.

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See how CGI helps clients deliver the solutions that transform the essential services we rely on

CGI is delivering ground-breaking 5G testbed facilities in Northern Ireland to supercharge smart manufacturing and education in the region over the next five years.

Aston Cockayne
Aston Cockayne

Product Ownership: the key to successful Agile delivery

06 April 2023 More and more organisations are embracing ways of working that promote a step change increase in business agility to deliver new products and services that deliver value quicker. Companies are moving away from delivering projects and more towards delivering products...

As companies attempt to increase business agility, the emphasis of digital delivery is moving from projects to products, directed by the interests of customers rather than IT departments. This change is not always easy, but there are key factors that...