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Cate Elder

Metaverse: lessons from the CGI Meta Hub

16 September 2022 Cate Elder examines recent experience in the CGI Meta Hub and uses it to reflect on lessons being learned from the continual evolution of the metaverse and the user experience.

The metaverse is a digitally-enabled world where organisations and communities interact in real time. A sustainable environment where we come together to learn, work, shop and share new experiences.

Sandra Fruebing
Sandra Fruebing

Why user research has never been more important in nailing the digital experience

23 March 2022 Sandra Fruebing discusses why user research has become more important than ever before. As user experience becomes more and more of a priority for businesses, Sandra discusses how designing intuitive digital interactions requires effective and accurate user research, and outlines...

This podcast explores the increased importance of digital experience and examples of where enhancing experience can help differentiate an organisation including Human Centred Design (HCD).

Sandra Fruebing
Sandra Fruebing

Human Centred Design (HCD) starts and ends with people.

03 March 2022 What is HCD? Human Centred Design (HCD) expert Sandra Fruebing breaks down the detail and discusses the benefits it can bring to businesses.

Explore the key principles within Human Centred Design (HCD), some of the benefits it can bring and how it can positively impact businesses who utilise it effectively.

Learn how our role as official digital technology partner of Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) will greatly enhance the technologies, systems, processes and data used by the Club at Lord's Cricket Ground.