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The 2022 CGI Voice of Our Clients presents the findings from our one-on-one interviews with 1,675 executives across the industries and geographies we serve. In this publication, we examine the most impactful macro trends for our clients in 2022.

CGI consultants compare data among peers, across industries and geographies, based on benchmarking data from a knowledge-base that represents 1 million data points provided from 8,000 discussions with executives for the last 5 years alone.

How clients create value during a time of unprecedented change

Andy Schmidt
Andy Schmidt

CGI Client Global Insights: Six ways retail banks can accelerate their digital journey

03 November 2020 In this blog, Andy provide six recommendations for driving greater results from digitization in retail banking based on our 2020 CGI Client Global Insights.

In 2020, we met with 1,447 business and IT executives across banking, communications, government, health and life sciences, insurance, manufacturing, oil and gas, retail and consumer services, transportation and logistics, and utilities. The 2020 CGI Global Insights Summary highlights several...

Annually, CGI leaders around the world meet face-to-face with business and IT executives to gather their perspectives on the trends affecting their enterprises, including business and IT priorities, IT spending, budgets and investment plans. In 2020, we conducted in-person interviews...

In 2020, we conducted in-person interviews with 66 client executives in the payer, provider and government health sectors. These executives indicate a continued focus on meeting customer and patient expectations. Interviews were conducted before and after the pandemic declaration by...