Recent legislation by HMRC require organisations with a turnover of over £85k to keep their records digitally and to submit VAT returns digitally to the HMRC via API’s. CGI have developed a fully integrated solution that simplifies submission process, streamlines the communication and is recognised by HMRC.

MTD is a key part of the UK Governments initiative to transform HMRC into a world leading digital tax authority. MTD requires qualifying VAT registered organisations to:

  • Keep and maintain records digitally
  • Records are to be kept within functional and compatible software
  • Have the ability to send information to and receive information from HMRC via Application Programming Interface – API’s
  • Becomes legal requirement on April 2019 but certain types of organisations have been granted a 6-month extension

CGI have developed the MIH (Making Tax Digital Integration Hub).
The CGI-MIH fully integrates to your SAP system and ensures compliance to HMRC standards and has been recognised by HMRC.

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