The CGI designed and implemented Codification Support Information System (CSIS) product currently provides the Ministry of Defence (MOD) with the UK’s fully NATO compliant Codification Information Service.

For over two decades, CGI has built a strong, collaborative relationship with the UK National Codification Bureau (NCB), the sole authority within the UK for codification. UK NCB documents technical data and descriptions for every item of supply and allocates NATO stock numbers based on form, fit and function. Details such as the manufacturer, supplier and any other relevant information are then stored on CSIS, which contains a suite of configurable modules to manage all aspects of codification.

CSIS provides a feature-rich codification experience using standard HTML and JavaScript technologies, available to users through all modern web browsers.

CSIS is a COTS product, offered for sale to NATO members and qualifying non-member countries.

CSIS V2 Key Features

  • Fully NATO compliant Codification Information System;
  • Suite of configurable modules to manage all aspects of codification;
  • Highly performant codification product;
  • Rich embedded workflow.

To find out more about purchasing CSIS, contact Jason Wiltshire-Brown, Account Director, Secure Business Services.

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