Jennifer joined CGI in March 2022, following a career spanning over 10 years within the public sector, gaining experience across operational and strategic roles. Jennifer worked for four years on digital projects within the public sector and managed Stirling Council’s multi-disciplinary digital team. Before this, Jennifer was a Social Worker within a Children and Families team. She demonstrates skills and expertise in digital delivery management, digital project management, leadership, consultancy and mentoring.

In her current role, Jennifer is responsible for service design, local authority support, accessibility and Government Digital Standards and helps clients scope and understand requirements, establish best practices and address gaps in the digital landscape to establish new ways of working. Her experience in service design and understanding of the synergies between business needs and citizen expectations, means she can ensure solutions are accessible, easy to use and meet the wider holistic needs of the business.

Jennifer aims to ensure technology creates a better quality of life for users and has used her skills and experiences of working with local councils to support the delivery of technology, including helping to deliver a Technology Enabled Care Programme to care homes and Care at Home.

She is creative, innovative and ensures that everyone, regardless of how they access our services has the same consistent experience. She aims to make evidence-based, defensible decisions and promote this approach across the digital landscape, the team and service, using strong leadership and transparency.