Post pandemic, the NHS has focussed primarily on finding new ways of working and engaging with patients wherever they are, whilst trying to accelerate the process of sharing health and social care data.

At the heart of this, its citizens are demanding access to a multi-channel engagement platform that puts them in control of their “circle of care” health and wellbeing.

Working in partnership, CGI and Salesforce have created a new solution to address the needs currently facing the new NHS organisations. CGI Patient Engagement platform, uses Salesforce Health Cloud platform to offer a new way to engage with your patients.

In this webinar, we will look at the challenges and opportunities for NHS organisations and articulate which key capabilities are required to face and achieve them. During the session, we will reveal how CGI Patient Experience platform can deliver better clinical engagement by understanding the patient better and improving outcomes.

Our speakers will demonstrate the following use cases:

  • How patients get the right care plan and adjust it as their needs change
  • How a Multidisciplinary Team can run list review meetings and schedule follow-ups more efficiently
  • How to deliver a seamless and engaging experience for patients to access, track and focus on their health plan
  • How clinical staff working in an acute setting can access and act on a more complete Shared Care Record to save time and improve patient care

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