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Customers and citizens increasingly expect to access services and information via digital channels anytime and anywhere. With the blurring of the online and offline worlds, they are looking for a seamless experience where they can have a single view of information and are still seen as a person.

CGI recognises the imperative to “join up” all the customer contact points. We work with organisations to deliver a holistic customer experience. This means that clients can ensure it is easy for individuals to do business with them – whenever, wherever and however customers want to interact.
Our goal is to place the digital customer at the heart of the enterprise, using effective insight to deliver personalised services and seamless cohesive experiences. We provide a joined-up vision and roadmap for customer experience solutions, based on our clients’ requirements and focusing on business outcomes. We bring a combination of business and integration knowledge, backed by experience in devising client strategies and roadmaps as well as software implementation.
Digital customer and strategy