Janett is a Senior User Researcher with a PhD in Design Research and Visual Design experience during a career that approaches 20 years. She has worked in various industries, government, and academia. Sectors include technology, space, retail, manufacturing, sports, and energy, helping grow innovative ideas such as wildfire prevention through remote sensing, automated metal tools for trailer manufacturing, robotic rovers and self-landing mechanisms, tailored health and fitness through wearables, platinum mining on asteroids for electric car batteries and prosthesis, energy saving technologies based on research insight, smart traffic on road, sea, rail and in the air, and educating secondary school-aged children via space settlement scenarios.

Among the many of her project partners are bigger names such as Meta and Amazon as well as award-winning start-ups e.g., EnviroSAR and Asteroid Mining Corporation. She is a design thinking advocate and strong believer in user focused design that is built on research.