We take a new perspective on space

Space technology offers solutions to many of the most pressing problems our planet faces. It monitors the planet’s health, recording global warming,  coastal erosion, deforestation, ice sheet shrinkage, El Nino. And it plays a vital part in weather forecasting.

Space-based systems provide communications and positioning technologies in remote areas and for people and goods on the move – on ships and planes, in disaster areas, in deserts and on mountains and in rural areas of the developed world without terrestrial communications.

Satellites support armed forces in remote places, enabling command and control, delivering information services, and navigating with pinpoint precision. They bring television to homes across the globe  and are central to the search for life on other planets, for new planets and for the origins of the universe.

Key Benefits

  • A leader in mission-critical software systems for the space industry
  • We work on the major European navigation, communication and earth observation programmes and are specialists in space security and ground control systems.
  • Over 35 years’ experience of the space business coupled with  commercial and technical expertise
  • A reputation for resilient, secure and highly cost-effective programmes

Software Intensive

Space systems are increasingly sophisticated and rely on software-based intelligence to ensure success. The software must work first time and be:

  • Secure, despite the broadcast nature of satellite communications
  • Able to cope with complex technical operations, such as satellite control, earth imaging,  significant data processing, radio propagation and orbital mechanics
  • Ultra-reliable – once launched, satellites have to work un-maintained for ten years or more
  • Delivered on time, eliminating the risk of costly launch delays