With Analyst as a Service (AaaS)., we provide experienced and highly skilled cyber security analysts, either working alongside your existing Security Operations Centre (SOC) team, or to step in and deliver a fully managed service utilising your existing technology and infrastructure.


Why you need to take action

Cyber-attacks are on the rise. You want to ensure your organisation delivers the highest level of security protection around the clock, but you may not have the resources to do this alone or struggling to recruit in a competitive labour market. CGI understand that many businesses aspire to run a SOC, but they are often restricted by the costs of finding the experts necessary to protect their business. You are looking for industry-leading external support to boost your existing security infrastructure.


How CGI’s AaaS works

Our Analyst As a Service was established in 2017 to address the need of augmenting Security Operations Team.

Our resource pool of highly experienced analysts can be leveraged into your own security operations either full time, evenings and weekends or via an 8x5 provision.

Our analysts maintain knowledge of a large variety of security tools including all of the major SIEM vendors such as Splunk, ArcSight, Qradar, LogPoint, MS Sentinel, AWS Security Hub amongst others. This means with only a short knowledge transfer process our analysts can start analysing and responding to alerts in rapid time. We work with your business in a supporting role. Our experts enable your team to operate at a much higher level with the added advantage of cross training. We share our extensive experience and enrich your team’s capabilities without the need to replace technology, implement new systems or be lumbered with hidden costs. If you decide the service is no longer required, then hand over is simple with no need to decommission systems and avoid costly exit clauses.


Choose a service level that suits you

Our service is exceptionally flexible when it comes to providing the level of operational cover you need, and our operational security team will assist in evaluating the best option for your organisation.

Discover what level suits you by downloading our Analyst as a Service brochure, where it will state what level types are available.