Imagine a search capability that not only enables you to search all your data - regardless of location or nature - but one that also enables you to visualise and query your information through themes and concepts you and your organisation understand. Many executives believe they already have this capability. They ask the question and somehow, sooner or later it is answered. This is regardless of the data sources or human effort involved.

The Challenge

Business questions come in all shapes and sizes and discovering the answers could have a significant impact on your business. But the answers may not be easy to find.

Our world increasingly revolves around digital information and we are all generators, consumers and subjects. This trend has an enormous impact on the amount and variety of information available and whilst principally personal or consumer oriented, this information revolution increasingly and fundamentally affects our businesses. For organisations, this information problem can present big challenges. But for those that can adapt, it can also represent big opportunities for competitive advantage.

Our Answer

Search redefined
Insight Semantic Search combines flexible data collection technology with innovative search capabilities and visualisation tools for both front and back office activities. This powerful combination is able to effectively address the problems of search with any organisation.