Modern defence vehicle platforms are designed to last. To be effective, the sensors, weapons and other systems will be updated many times through the platform lifetime. Open vehicle architectures facilitate operational and information advantage through integration, easy refit and capability augmentation, increasing effectiveness and reducing through life costs.

GGI OpenLand360 in use

CGI OpenLand360 - complete defence vehicle platform management system

CGI OpenLand360 is a single software solution which integrates all hardware devices and systems within military vehicles. A fully GVA compliant Electronic Architecture initially designed and used on the UK Warrior vehicle upgrade – Warrior 2 programme.

CGI OpenLand360 has a single, consistent, GVA compliant crew-centric interface providing vital crew information about alarms, camera feeds, sight information, fire control, UK command & control, engine, power, Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS) and communications.

CGI OpenLand360 has also been used in concept demonstrations for mobile fires and for the control of semi-autonomous unmanned ground vehicles, all from the same single interface.

Benefits of CGI OpenLand360

  • Simple and fast interface to all platform elements
    A standardised layout using large bezel buttons allow the crew to get to the information they need very quickly.
  • Information advantage: By integrating data from all platform elements and systems, information is created to aid decision making.
  • High-tempo capability augmentation: Simple replacement of obsolete components and adding new capabilities in response to new threats or mission characteristics.
  • Reduced through life costs: Condition-based maintenance, Health and Usage Monitoring (HUMS) mean that maintainers can get the equipment back in the fight faster, and vehicles are serviced when they need it.
  • No vendor lock-in: rapid addition of any equipment from any supplier.
  • Reduced training burden: Consistent user interface simplifies operation and new functions are quickly learned, including in simulators.

All modern vehicles have Electronic Architectures (EAs) – networks that transmit information and commands to sensors, effectors and sub systems, for example a satnav.  Commodity vehicle EAs are closed; they are not designed to allow new items to be attached or existing items upgraded as they typically have a lifetime of 4-5 years.

Defence vehicle platforms have much longer lifetimes and often have a large amount of complex equipment.  They require obsolescence re-fit and additional capability fit to maintain safety and effectiveness in an ever changing defence environment.

CGI OpenLand360 is a complete defence vehicle platform management system.  It connects cameras, mapping, engines, power, communications, targeting, armaments and other systems.

The CGI OpenLand360 platform management system is suitable for all sizes and roles of defence vehicles. It presents monitoring, control and collaborative tools to vehicle crew on a single screen using an interface designed for use in battle: at high speed, over rough terrain, under extreme fatigue and stress whilst wearing chemical protection gloves.

Any equipment or system can be integrated if it has a data connection: CGI OpenLand360 directly connects to standards-compliant or legacy equipment via software and hardware adaptors. Vehicle fit-out is defined in configuration so multiple vehicle types or mission variants can use the same system.

It can run on any type of hardware and can be used as a simulation and training tool by replacing the connection to the platform with simulated data feeds.  It is standards-based and open: It uses UK MOD and NATO data protocols and Generic Vehicle Architecture (GVA) standards.