We now have a displaced workforce working from home, and all of the distractions that entails – not spotting the phishing email will cause significant and expensive, long-lasting damage.

Some phishing emails get through even the best email gateways and safety nets. Staff must be trained to spot these emails and deal with them effectively. Every month, we provide a phishing simulation training package to create ‘human sensors’ trained to spot and report malicious emails.

CGI’s Cyber Analysts deliver our Phishing Defence Service. Providing a powerful defensive capability to ensure your resilience to attacks will improve without disrupting productivity. We can detect and destroy the Phishing email in your organisation, ensuring the attack has been defended and the business remains operational without disruption.

Awareness is critical for your workforce to ensure our complex phishing exercise campaigns test them. Making sure vigilance remains and recommendations for users, departments are understood to detect and defend against sophisticated attacks.

At CGI we offer a wide range of service offerings from reporting buttons, triage and simulation campaigns that can help your organisation remain protected against phishing emails.

Download our Phishing overview service brochure here, to see how we can protect your business.