Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, targeting people, networks and devices. Attackers are finding new ways into organisations by-passing the perimeter security walls and stealing valuable information or disrupting business. Organisations need to be agile, adopt new technologies, operate with customers and suppliers across the world and be confident that they are secure.

Our Protective Monitoring Service

As a leading supplier of cyber security services in the UK, Europe and North America, we offer the full range of services to secure your organisation.

Our Protective Monitoring service continually scans an organisation’s infrastructure and systems looking for unusual patterns of behaviour. We then provide the insight to detect and act on suspicious events, in real time, 24 hours a day.

The service is provided from one of our Security Operating Centres (SOC), which is a centralised shared service responsible for monitoring the systems, networks and devices for multiple clients. The service can be hosted in the UK or one of our other nine global locations.

CGI’s Protective Monitoring service is provided using a scalable, flexible perdevice pricing approach. Pricing is based on a client’s specific requirements ranging from simple end-point nodes to the most complex, for example, web application firewalls. We can provide the most appropriate service for your requirement by tailoring the mix of devices to you.

Many clients want a deeper analysis of the cyber threat to their organisation provided by our Advanced Threat Investigation service. Building on the protective monitoring, it identifies new, sophisticated attacks based on the latest threat information in order to allow the deployment of countermeasures.