Securing organisations in a digital world

Organisations have invested time and effort in IT computer security over the last 40 years, in fact for as long as network computers have existed. However, the term cyber security is a more recent one, and reflects the changing nature of information security in a digitally interconnected world.

The rapid advance of digital technologies is undoubtedly driving this transformation. But more fundamentally, organisations have been unwittingly taking on risk—making use of networked information, digitalising their businesses—and leaving themselves vulnerable to attack.

There are many factors that have turned traditional IT security on its head:

  • Industrial-scale cyber espionage, which targets information, undertaken by criminal gangs and state-sponsored espionage.
  • The “militarisation” of cyber space, as nations start to treat cyber space as another military domain and act to build offensive capability and safeguard national critical infrastructure.
  • The rise of “hacktivism”, with activists taking on corporates and public institutions by defacing their websites or disrupting their online services.
  • Organised cyber crime that now makes more money from a variety of illegal online activities, acting with impunity as national police forces struggle to respond on an international stage.
  • Growing dependency on the Internet as businesses and governments move their services online, closing down traditional ways of engaging with citizens and customers.

With the risks and impacts associated with cyber attacks becoming more visible, the awareness of cyber security has also grown significantly. During our in-person interviews with 962 senior clients in 2015, 64% of clients identified their level of cyber risk as being either high or very high.

As a security specialist, CGI has been part of this evolving journey within our clients’ organisations. We understand how cyber security plays a crucial role in facilitating those enabling technologies that transform a modern business into a digital organisation.

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