Digital transformation in the cloud

In the digital era, the cloud is everywhere and constantly evolving. Even when not visible, cloud-enabled services are driving digital transformation within enterprises, reshaping the experiences of both employees and consumers.

Today, the confluence of new technology with the rapid pace of the cloud has brought us to a tipping point. It now is possible for businesses to deliver new services in weeks and they recognise the power of the cloud. More than 80% of enterprises are expected to be using the cloud by the end of 2015 (Source: Ovum), and the technology has conquered early security and regulatory concerns.

The cloud is carrying this change into different areas. For example, cloud services make it possible to:

  • Create secure mobile offices for government organisations.
  • Modernise learning in public schools via educational applications hosted in the cloud.
  • Initiate and process insurance claims using a mobile device.

Each time, the cloud transforms both business and end-user experience.

Yet, as the cloud continues to evolve, the way that IT can innovate within a business is changing. To plan effectively, organisations need a technology roadmap that helps them track their progress against the emerging landscape. Only enterprises that manage this change will successfully enable digital transformation in the cloud.

CGI offers clients an end-to-end solution from consultancy to implementation, integration and management of cloud-based services. We help our clients navigate the cloud, transform their business and operate as a service.

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