Philippa Green, Director, Social Responsibility

In recent years, social mobility has become a growing area of focus. As a society, we’re recognising more and more how important it is to raise aspirations among socioeconomically disadvantaged groups and at CGI, we’re helping to do that by signposting the routes to different careers and making them accessible to people from all backgrounds.

It’s just one example of how we live out our core company values at CGI. One of the things I know our members value most about being at CGI is our commitment to being a responsible business because it provides us, as members, the opportunity to contribute to causes and social change that matter.

I know my colleagues feel the same, so I’ve invited some of them to share the ways they personally contribute to doing business responsibly below.

Andrew Peck, Innovations Consultant and Tech Researcher

I have an achievement I'm secretly quite proud of. I discovered a local Indian restaurant run by a couple of guys who lost their previous jobs in the pandemic and added them to our list of ‘approved corporate caterers’ for client-facing meetings at our Innovation Centre.

It seems such a small measure, but it means that when we (as a large multinational) host clients (who are themselves massive organisations), some of the spend trickles down to a tiny (but awesome) local business. There are also two side benefits: firstly, we distinguish ourselves from our competition (no one wants to eat sausage rolls all the time!), but more importantly, it’s a small but very tangible step along our diversity, equity and inclusion road. Half the people in our meetings come from cultures whose staples aren’t sandwiches and crisps, so why shouldn’t they get to feel at home over a corporate lunch?

I've also nominated a local sports clubs for a new kit who support a lot of kids being healthy and active in relatively disadvantaged circumstances, and I ride a motorbike to work. It's a buzz to be able to divert a bit of the corporate support to something that makes kids smile and live longer, and travel in a way that halves my emissions. As you can see, being encouraged to ‘be responsible’ at CGI never means being pushed to be boring!

Chloe Toothill, Business Analyst

Overall my favourite way to contribute to CGI’s responsible practices is by using my annual volunteering day to attend STEM recruitment or education days, using my experience to talk to schools about options after college.

Recently, I have also been engaging with the ‘Fast Futures’ initiative, supporting students going through the graduate / internship interview process. This has consisted of six phone calls over three months, where we have facilitated engaging conversations with industry experts, and undergone CV reviews and cover letter brainstorm sessions.

On top of that, I’m doing my best to play my part in looking after the environment by following in CGI’s footsteps and looking for eco-friendly gifts. Through the power of social media, I’ve been able to find lots of small businesses doing great things to minimise waste.

Shabnam Latif, Director Consulting Delivery

I seek to be an active supporter of gender parity and equality, especially within the industries CGI works in. I lead by example by personally supporting women in IT within our organisation, mentoring them to achieve their best potential, from interview coaching, to writing CVs. I always hope that I serve as a role model for other women in tech.

As well as that, I interview candidates who have not come to CGI through a normal route, to ensure that we are identifying candidates from perhaps deprived backgrounds and diverse communities and giving them opportunities.

Andrew Hislop, Software Engineer

I like to take part in the youth career development activities that CGI supports via outside organisations who liaise with schools or with the schools directly.

To date it has been entirely online, but should allow for in person visits in the next year or so. Often, students taking part are stimulated to ask questions about what it is like being in the working world and what they might want to do in the future. They get to learn what life is like when you graduate and enter professional life.

Within the company, I also support CGI’s Disability Network, which offers support for any members who live with some form of disability, either physical or mental. As well as supporting each other in the network via chat facilities, we help newer members to access workplace adjustments they need (for example, modified desks, chairs etc.)

Craig Murch, Agile Coach

My favourite part of being involved in the responsible business value is when I get to spend time with the future generation. This could be at a careers fair, a STEM workshop or providing inspirational talks. The best part is receiving the positive feedback from the students themselves either during the event or indeed at a later point in time where they have taken a STEM subject because of an event I hosted.

Additionally, I am involved in the CGI tree planting scheme each year where community groups are able to apply for up to 30 British variety trees. It’s great to be able to work with a local community such as a local Athletics Club or school to see a wasted patch of land transformed into something beautiful. As well as the obvious green benefits which helps us all look after the planet.

I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity I’ve had to give many motivational/mentoring type talks to children, focused on the lessons I have learnt from my career and sporting successes. These talks have had the added benefit of my own personal growth as they’ve allowed me to feel much more confident talking in front of senior stakeholders and so on.


Is responsible practice as important to you as it is to us at CGI? If you’d like to be part of a business who cares about the societies and communities around us, and the clients, partners and people we work with, head to our careers page for job openings.