We are delighted to announce our partnership with North Wales internet safety charity DangerPoint, as we become proud sponsors of K-os - their friendly interactive alien avatar.

In a world where children have easy access to the internet and ever-advancing technology, it’s never been more important to equip the next generation with the tools and skills to deal with the online world safely. This is something we're passionate about at CGI as we work on digital innovation every day. 

We're proud to partner with DangerPoint - an independent charity based in North Wales who offer a safe environment for visitors to learn about risks and how to keep safe online through fun and interactive activities.

CGI are now proud sponsors of K-os, a friendly interactive alien avatar who has become DangerPoint’s mascot over the years. K-os comes to life on screen to have two-way conversations with children and young people about how they can keep themselves safe online, covering:

  • which games, social media, and apps they might use
  • whether they should share photographs online
  • how they can create a strong password
  • how to change their online settings to have a safer experience

and much more. K-os is creative way of delivering these important safety messages to children and young people in a fun and memorable way.

We will be sharing lots more exciting activities regarding our partnership with DangerPoint over the coming months!

Find out more about DangerPoint