A call for evidence and action

The resilience in the criminal justice system and the deterioration in the system’s performance threatens its legitimacy in the eyes of the public, further exposed as a result of Covid-19 and long-standing legacy issues. With the criminal justice system failing in its mission to deliver timely and fair justice for both victims and offenders, through previous research, Crest recommended the government take a whole-system approach to rebuilding the criminal justice system and that technological solutions must play a role in restoring balance to the system.

CGI and Crest Advisory are partnering to identify opportunities for applying new approaches to barriers which prevent the system working effectively as a whole system. The project aims to identify pressure points, blockages, disconnects and obstacles within the agencies of the criminal justice system and to develop real world solutions in partnership with practitioners, emphasising the smart use of digital technology to reduce the backlog.

To achieve these aims we are conducting research on the current performance of the criminal justice system in England and Wales, including interviews with national stakeholders across the system. We will conduct a deep dive analysis alongside a Local Criminal Justice Board to analyse two crime types: sexual offences and drug offences, followed by a workshop to identify possible solutions. This research will feed into the development of a white paper, making recommendations on how best to implement technological solutions to overcome the challenges facing the criminal justice system.

We are interested to hear your views on how and where technology can or cannot improve efficiency in the system. Please contact Strategy and Insight Manager, Oli Hutt at oli.hutt@crestadvisory.com or Analyst Greg O’Meara at greg.omeara@crestadvisory.com.