CGI member Richard Sullivan didn’t take the decision to leave CGI and start his own private consultancy lightly. He simply wanted to take the opportunity to practice his skills across a range of industries. Fast forward a few years and Richard is firmly back in the fold at CGI. In this article he speaks about his return in 2021 and why he’s so happy to be back.

February 2022

In 2017, I decided to explore consulting opportunities outside of CGI, where I’d been working for 3 years.

I left with a heavy heart, but I was excited to set up my own private company. My decision to leave was entirely motivated by my desire to practise my skills across industry sectors I hadn’t yet experienced, and with the contingent labour market particularly active at the time, it felt like the perfect moment to embark on this new challenge.

I did, however, ensure the door to CGI remained firmly open, and kept up with the company’s movements and my former colleagues the whole time I was away. When my path brought me back in its direction a few years later, I was welcomed wholeheartedly back into the fold and reminded once more of the incredible culture and opportunities members of CGI enjoy.

The benefits of my experience with private consultancy

During my time as a private consultant, I realised the deep value of everything I’d learned at CGI. I was able to further diversify my personal skill set through experiencing first-hand how other companies operate, and adapt my skills to alternative methods of achieving results. I applied my skills very effectively to a diverse range of organisations.

Although generally speaking the work was similar (i.e programme/project delivery), seeing how other organisations use various frameworks, processes and tools to deliver work really broadened my understanding and capabilities.

Ultimately though, it was CGI’s culture – the manner in which members are treated and the opportunities available – that drew me back.

A combination of external market factors (IR35 reform) and the natural conclusion of work commitments with my main client led me to pursue a return to a permanent employer. Having kept track of CGI’s continuous success via its social media platforms, I re-established a dialogue with my CGI network to explore potential opportunities. That really reinforced that this was the company I wanted to be in and I was thrilled to accept a new role here.

A truly unique company

CGI offers its members a comprehensive range of benefits and career opportunities that are second to none, in my experience.

The support structure that underpins each member’s career is impressive and greatly assists in professional development. Within CGI there are well-defined career paths with much scope to grow and develop your individual role across the organisation.

In addition, each individual’s annual career plan is based on personal career aspirations while taking CGI’s business goals into consideration – a superb combination!

It truly is a wonderful culture and an exciting environment in which to work. We’re ambitious and committed to continued growth and long-lasting success, and I have no hesitation recommending a return to CGI for anyone who finds themselves in a similar position to me.

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