CGI and Northumbrian Water come together again at the water company’s Innovation Festival this summer with a new challenge:

“Enabling the Rural Revolution - How can we enhance rural communities and the environment using Emerging Technologies?”

There has been a lot of talk about smart cities, but much less about our rural communities.

The CGI-led design sprint will explore how we can use key emerging technologies to build truly connected and collaborative communities, protect and enhance the environment, provide better access to services, and improve customer and citizens’ lives.

CGI’s Paul Buxton, VP for Utilities and the North said: “After the great success of last year’s Project Barnacle, we are very excited to be leading another sprint at the NWG Innovation Festival. Rural communities often benefit from new technology innovations much later than urban communities. However, the opportunity that emerging technologies can bring to our rural communities and the environment is huge.

If you are part of a rural community and have an interest in creating thinking and emerging technologies like 5G, AI, Data Analytics and IOT, this is for you.

Join us at Newcastle Racecourse from 8 to 12 July and don’t miss 5 days packed with action at the Northumbrian Water Group Innovation Festival 2019

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