Here at CGI we regard Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) as a key priority, reflecting our belief in the benefit it brings to our members*, our clients and our business. This year, I am pleased to share a gender pay report that shows that we have , and how we continue to address this going forward.

We are now in our sixth year of reporting our gender pay gap, and this process helps us focus on how we can continue to drive more equal representation by gender at all levels, as well as grow our overall level of female representation.

Our mean gender pay gap now stands at 5.4%, compared to 8.0% last year, while our median pay gap has reduced to 9.6% from 11.4% last year. While these reported numbers concentrate on how far we’ve come and how we are performing in relation to our gender pay gap, our strategy is broader and includes a programme of diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) focused activity. These include a wide range of networks and initiatives which help build and enhance our inclusive culture and enrich the employment experience for all members. 

Tara - president-cgi-uk-operations

Tara McGeehan
President, CGI UK & Australia

Headline Gender Pay Gap figures for CGI in the UK


CGI UK Gender Pay Gap Report 2022 Headline Figures


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* As a company with a unique ownership culture, we call our employees ‘members’ as the majority are shareholders in their company.

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