CGI contributes to important Hiscox UK guide on cyber security for small businesses

The specialist insurance company Hiscox, recently released an online A-Z guide of cyber security for UK small and medium sized businesses.

CGI contributed to the guide, with Andrew Rogoyski, Vice President of Cyber Security writing the foreword for the report.  Andrew Rogoyski comments:

“UK small businesses need to understand the language of security in order to spot cyber-attacks and make sure that the right actions are being taken.”

Hiscox’s important A-Z outlines some of the common terms used in the topic of cyber security, as well as related expert advice, providing the first step for small business owners who want to better protect themselves.

CGI is proud to have contributed to this essential companion for those who want to take action to address the challenges that cybercrime presents as we move into a future where it’s all too present.

Read the full report online.