CGI’s Sports and Social clubs are run in all our UK offices, giving members a chance to socialise, network and have fun together outside of work. We think it’s a great way to promote wellbeing and create a real sense of camaraderie and community among our members. Our Chippenham club chairperson, Samuel Faria, explains what the SSC is all about.

April 2023

The Sports and Social Club is one of CGI's many flexible benefits, available to all members in the UK. Each member contributes £5 a month from payroll, which is then matched by the company for a total of £10. Each of our offices has their own club, and members choose how to split their £10 between the clubs they want to participate in based on where they think they’ll attend events.

It provides an excellent opportunity to take part in a variety of different, fun activities at little cost. The funds are used to run all kinds of heavily subsidised events like karaoke parties, pottery painting, and cocktail-making courses, to name a few!

The Sports and Social club is designed to allow members from across CGI to come together, socialise, and take part in activities they wouldn't usually do. This helps promote wellbeing within the company and allows members to build relationships outside of their day-to-day work.

Promoting Connection and Community

I was keen to get involved because I saw a great opportunity to make a positive impact and contribute to the wellbeing of our members. This is something that is often overlooked in workplaces, but is an extremely important part of creating an inclusive and enjoyable environment to be in. I wanted to be part of something that would help make a difference in this area. Fundamentally, the club provides an opportunity for members to relax, de-stress and enjoy themselves outside of work.

It’s very much member driven. The committee is responsible for funding and advertising events, however it’s the members that suggest, influence, and organise the events we run. One of the great benefits is that it lets us cater to a diverse range of interests. Not only does this encourage a broad spectrum of people from all over CGI to take part, but it also gives everyone a chance to connect with like-minded colleagues and become part of a thriving local community.

Proud to be Part of a Company that Takes Our Wellbeing Seriously

I am the chairperson of our Chippenham Sports and Social cub, meaning that I get to help shape our plans and future growth. The most rewarding aspect has been bringing different groups of people together from across the office that likely wouldn't have crossed paths otherwise. I’ve really enjoyed meeting so many new people myself!

It has been wonderful to see the positive impact the club has had on the culture in the office and the wider community. We’ve run events to raise money for local charities too, which is always very rewarding.

For me, the club truly demonstrates CGI’s commitment to our health and wellbeing. We're fortunate that it is corporate-endorsed and advertised, and that the company matches member contributions. This creates so much more awareness throughout CGI and opens up more funding to run our events. I see it as a luxury that many other workplaces don't have and I'm proud to be part of a company that takes our health and wellbeing seriously.

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