April 2021

Things have changed a lot for businesses since we established CGI’s Aberdeen office in 1983. The proliferation of digital technologies is pushing every company to rethink their business models and how they compete. The software and supporting IT landscapes are now fundamental to their success.

As such, our Aberdeen office is going through a new chapter. Though clients in oil and gas still form an important part of our service offering – for example, our Vantage system is used across five continents to monitor and keep workers safe in both onshore and offshore facilities – we’re developing our client base and capabilities well beyond that space.

In this careers article, Global Delivery Director Phil Gordon explains how we’re moving into new and exciting areas, using new and exciting technologies, to enable an era of growth and opportunity for our members.

My road to the present

After graduating from Robert Gordons University in Aberdeen, I worked in Rotterdam for four and a half years, before coming back to Aberdeen. That’s when I joined CGI.

My roles here have been quite international: running global projects and programs remotely from Aberdeen. The opportunity to work with amazing people from around the world has been an inspiration for me, and definitely a highlight of my career. It’s always been great working at CGI. I’ve had a lot of support throughout my journey here. It’s incredible how quickly my 31 years with CGI have passed.

I’ve recently joined forces with two other directors, to support the growth and development of our testing practice, and I’ve adopted a team of testing specialists. We support clients with their test strategy and then orchestrate the testing process to support our clients with their projects whether large or small.

My role is about leadership, not day-to-day management

The work we do at CGI is challenging and expectations are always very high, but we’re all individuals with our own experiences, capabilities and aspirations. My role is more to provide support and guidance rather than managing the daily tasks of my members.

Sometimes people need support – for example, with re-skilling or when moving between projects. However, more often, it’s about encouraging and challenging people to step up, develop, realise their potential and feel proud of their achievements.

CGI is very much a people-oriented company. I try to make my relationship with members trusting, supportive and understanding. I don’t speak to them every day, but I like to think my team always knows I’m there and available.

Growing with CGI through the years

My own fulfilling career journey at CGI has been a reflection of two things. Firstly, the clients and the types of engagements we do as a company, which are often large, complex and challenging. Secondly, my supportive colleagues. Their help, experience, strengths and capabilities are a valuable resource I have always drawn on to learn from and reflect upon. I’ve also been very fortunate to have not only my colleagues, but also CGI’s clients, really believe in me, time and time again.

We’re lucky at CGI because there is never a shortage of opportunities to grow and develop. And while, yes formal training is always there and has its place, I owe my growth more to exposure to different projects, situations and challenges.

Sometimes, you also need a little luck to be in the right place at the right time, and I’ve had a little of that along the way as well!

It’s a great time to develop a career in testing

One example is the demand for a whole range of testing functions is ever growing as digital takes over.

Businesses must take a modern approach to serve their end customers and develop their brand, with innovation, automation, agility, and quality. There are greater complexities, with cloud, mobile and new digital technologies, and tolerance for bugs, poor performance and failure is shrinking.

Digital testing is simply an integral part of the show. Within testing, there is so much opportunity to build up a wealth of skills, and a thriving career in this fast-paced digital world.

We have in fact already upskilled some of our CGI colleagues here in Aberdeen. They wanted to develop their abilities in this new direction and are doing amazingly well. We helped them through a training program and they now have the foundational capability to enable them to jump into roles in the testing field.

Does this sound like something that could be right for you too? Head to CGI’s website for openings on our testing team.