Joshua Towell was looking for a graduate role that would enable him to explore different careers and skills within Cyber Security. Thanks to CGI’s massive portfolio and global presence he feels he has access to many exciting opportunities every day and by joining us he is being guided towards a strong and exciting future! 

January 2024

Building tomorrow’s technology at CGI

Are you curious about what a technical career could look like? This past year as a Technical Graduate at CGI has taught me many valuable aspects of consulting and business within the tech sector.

With a background in Computer Science (my undergraduate degree) and a goal to specialise in Cyber Security, I was looking for a graduate role that would enable me to explore various careers and apply my skills in a real-world context. I have found that here at CGI.

The environment is friendly and supportive, and the culture is highly conducive to learning and development. I’m given freedom, flexibility and the feedback needed to grow, and I appreciate how easy it is to connect with people who are happy and willing to assist me with any questions or challenges I face.

However, the best part for me is being a member of a global company with a massive portfolio. I have access to a tremendous variety of projects that allow me to explore new areas of cybersecurity. It’s exciting to be part of a diverse and talented team of professionals who are building tomorrow’s technology!

Experiencing CGI as a graduate

When I first learned about CGI, I was invited to an Assessment Centre where I got to find out more about the company culture and had the ability to showcase my abilities. Frankly, I was amazed by the professionalism and friendliness of CGI members. Throughout the process I received a lot of valuable feedback and guidance. I felt a deep connection with the company and its values, and was thrilled when I received the offer to join them.

Currently, I work in the Space, Defence and Intelligence (SDI) business unit as a Junior Security Consultant. SDI comprises a large and diverse group of individuals passionate about technology and innovation, making me feel right at home. So far, I have worked on two different projects, and in both instances, several team members volunteered their time to assist me in my learning.

The cyber security sector at CGI is a tight-knit community, with regular online and offline events to encourage collaboration and networking. Groups such as CyberConnect, a mix of cyber graduates and apprentices, arrange quarterly and bi-annual socials, creating opportunities for new and existing members to grow their networks.

Broadening my horizons

Beyond the confines of work, I’ve been involved in several remarkable CGI initiatives, including the CGI Cyber Escape Room where I took on the role of Games Master. I also organise social events for members such as go-karting, indoor snowboarding, climbing socials and pub quizzes.

As an Early Careers representative, I gather feedback from fellow graduates and degree apprentices, providing valuable insights that contribute towards refining CGI’s Early Careers program. All early career members at CGI are presented with the opportunity to participate in the Student Kickstart Initiative (SKI). This involves collaborating on a small project with other graduates and exploring various technologies offered by the business to its clients.

The SKI initiative is such a valuable way to learn new skills, apply knowledge and collaborate with peers at a very early stage of your career. The mentors are incredibly supportive and willingly share their insights and experiences openly. Moreover, the networking opportunities have allowed me to connect with members from different offices and backgrounds, spanning all levels of the business.

Members are CGI’s top priority

One of the things I’ve quickly realised about CGI is there’s an unwavering focus on members. In this company, all members are afforded equal opportunities. Flexible benefits can be tailored to suit individual preferences, and extensive resources for training and development contribute to a sense of value and appreciation.

Are you curious about life as a Technical Graduate? At CGI, we are all treated equally and you will be recognised for your work, and feel confident in pursuing your aspirations.

If you’re interested in joining us, head to our graduate careers page to learn more.