Chloe Gallacher joined CGI as a school leaver with limited experience and knowledge of tech. Seven years on, with CGI’s support, she’s gained multiple uni degrees and industry certifications, years of actual work experience and an awesome career in software engineering!

January 2024

If you’re a female student interested in a career in engineering, have confidence in what you bring to the table! We all have valuable skills and we’re all entitled to contribute to discussions.

In my seven years at CGI, I’ve learned how important this mindset is. I’ve had such a great journey here, going from school leaver with limited knowledge, to uni graduate with seven years of work experience under my belt.

I’ve been able to grow my skills from an apprentice to software engineer, build a career I love and attend university and complete industry recognised certifications while working at the same time – all thanks to the continuous support and guidance I have received from CGI.

My CGI story 

CGI is a great place to grow a career at any stage. You have the option of gaining experience across different sectors and role types, which is brilliant.

I joined the company on a modern apprenticeship. I liked the idea of being able to ‘earn and learn’, as I’m the kind of person who works and learns better by being hands-on. After completing the apprenticeship, I joined their graduate apprenticeship program. During the program, I completed a BSc Software Development for Business degree while being employed full-time by CGI. I spent four days a week working and one day a week at uni developing my knowledge.

Then, after graduating, I decided I wanted to pursue a specialism in security. Again, CGI was very encouraging, enabling me to go back to university for my MSc Cyber Security course. Both my project and the wider team supported me to ensure I could balance work and uni life.

CGI further supported me by providing extended study leave while I finished my dissertations. It was greatly appreciated as I was able to give my all to my final university submissions and focus solely on one project for that limited time.

My exciting project

One of my most exciting projects at CGI has been working on the software systems for a cutting-edge radio telescope that could transform our understanding of the universe and deliver benefits to society through global collaboration and innovation. 

This is particularly interesting for me, not only because of the project itself, but the opportunities it has provided to travel the world, expand my knowledge and strengthen my connections across the wider project teams. I’m helping the client develop a complex system and developing my skill set and career at the same time.

An inspired environment makes a world of difference

The culture at CGI is one of the big reasons I have thrived here. I’m more motivated than ever to provide the best service possible to our clients.

Being surrounded by supportive senior members and mentoring has enabled me to find new areas of interest, fit them into my role and continue growing and learning. The Scotland BU regularly organises team events to encourage socialising and networking across the business, and we have regular team calls to highlight achievements and all the projects we’re running.

I’m also inspired by my additional role as an early careers ambassador for CGI. It’s great giving guidance and support to graduates and apprentices, as I know first-hand the difference it can make in those early stages to have someone who understands what you’re going through.

I spend a lot of time speaking to students, explaining our apprenticeships and the various careers available in IT. I love showcasing the opportunities in IT to young people, especially young women who may not have even considered it as a career field.

What’s next!

Hearing that a client is happy with the products you’re developing is the best feeling. Right now, my focus is on continuing to build a fantastic product, as well as further developing my specialism in security. I’m planning on gaining some more qualifications that will benefit me and my career, and of course, my clients.

I am very excited about what’s next for me at CGI. It’s been an amazing seven years so far, and I know the opportunities are only going to get bigger and better.

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