Andrew Llewellyn explains how CGI made sure his career kept growing throughout the most challenging time of his life

November 2023

My career in CGI has been varied. I’ve worked here for over 20 years in numerous business sectors of the business, moving from a developer role right up to my current role as Director of Consulting Delivery.

Throughout my time at CGI I’ve met many people who’ve helped me to build a rewarding career, and most importantly, to get through a major illness. I was diagnosed with multiple bowel cancers in 2013 and the support I received from CGI over the next couple of years was superb.

Support in my toughest moments

After my diagnosis, I had to have two major operations and chemotherapy. While it might sound strange, I wanted to work despite the challenges I was having physically - and CGI’s support made sure that I could.

Working actually helped to take my mind off my health issues. Throughout recovery from my operation, and over six months of chemo, I was able to work part-time, half days or full days, depending on how I felt.

My career with CGI

I have been fortunate to have worked in multiple roles across various areas. I always received training to develop my skill set for each role, but I have always wanted to steadily move through the career levels, which I have, even after having to take a bit of a step back due to my illness. I was still able to grow my career in that period, thanks to the support from everyone at CGI. I worked on many projects, meeting new people and clients, and in the end, those experiences helped to confirm my career direction - I realised I wanted to move away from coding and into Service Management.

Today, as a person with what is called an "invisible disability" (I wear a stoma bag that nobody can see), the support from CGI now has been more about understanding some of my physical limitations, which they’ve been great about. 

Now it’s my turn to support others

I've only been in my Director role for two years, and I still have so much to learn! At the moment I’m learning a lot from the Insurance Management Team - their knowledge and dedication to creating a thriving sector is inspiring. Working with the whole team, from strategy to sales, is continuously helping to shape what I do, and hopefully they can see how much I’m taking away from it all.

Now I hope I can do for others what so many of my CGI colleagues have done for me. I enjoy seeing members who I have worked with build a career at CGI, and be given opportunities to grow, similar to what I have had over the years. I would love to play a part in their development too, just as others played a part in mine. 

Our people (or ‘members’ as we’re called) are so supportive of each other at CGI, at every level of the company. Our great culture is definitely the reason so many of us have been here for so long and will no doubt stay for years to come, and I’m always proud to tell people I work at CGI.

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