December 2022

CGI’s Share Purchase Plan is available to all our members from day one. Thanks to the scheme, approximately 90% of our employees own a piece of our business (which is why we’re called ‘members’). It’s each member’s choice as to how much they want to purchase, up to a threshold of 13.5% of their annual salary. Better yet, CGI will match members’ contributions month to month up to a maximum of 3.5% of their annual salary, so essentially, joining the scheme provides an increased financial compensation package each year.

It’s a great way to invest in the company and make extra money. Our members love the fact there’s no tie in either - you can opt in and out, or adjust your participation rate at any time. Want that extra money in your bank account this month? Just tell us.

As Claire Jenkins, Human Resources Director, puts it: “Just select the percentage of your annual salary you wish to purchase in shares via CGI’s flexible benefits portal and it will be deducted automatically through payroll. It’s as simple as that!”

No investment experience? No problem

Many of us had never invested in a company before joining CGI, but the transparency and flexibility of our share plan makes it a viable option for anyone.

“There’s no holding period on how long you have to keep the shares,” explains Deborah Healy, Director Corporate Services Delivery Expert. “You can choose to sell them every month if you want the money in your bank account instead of accumulating your shares.”

To join or make changes, you simply enrol or modify your chosen contribution percentage through CGI’s Member Flexible Benefits portal on our intranet. This can be done as often as you like. The CGI payroll department then provides the SPP Administrator with the relevant contribution details at each pay period, who buys the shares on your behalf each pay period and activates your Shareworks online account. Once your account is activated, you can sell or transfer any or all of your CGI shares at any time.

“The scheme is so simple to use and the interface is so easy to navigate that I haven’t really needed any education on how it works,” Deborah says. “I just have to make my mind up over how long I wish to wait before I choose to sell my shares. However, if you do want more information, it’s up on our intranet and we also do ‘know-how’ calls about it.”

“I have never bought shares in a company before,” adds Claire, “but I wanted to join the share purchase plan because it is so flexible and I really value it as one of my member benefits.”

Choose how to make it work for you

The benefits really add up over time. Some members dip into their share pool every month, others let it build and use it to buy big-ticket items once in a while.

“Typically I sell my shares every month as that is what best suits me at the moment,” Deborah tells us. “I have had two daughters in higher education in recent years, so the salary uplift really helped us as a family to afford the extra costs this brings.”

“I use my CGI shares to save up for big things,” Claire explains. “I prefer doing that than selling them regularly. The money comes straight out of my salary and builds into a nice nest egg without me having to do anything. Then when I am ready, I sell. So far I’ve used them to buy a new kitchen, pay for a deposit on a car and a few holidays including my recent trip to New York.”

All in all, you’re in complete control with CGI’s share purchase plan. It’s not a complex system that locks you down with conditions and fine print – it’s just a fantastic opportunity to own a piece of our organisation and increase your income a little each year.

Want to learn more about our Share Purchase Plan or apply for a role at CGI? Head to the website