Imagine if your interactions with health and care were as easy as the rest of your digital life. Digital channels have already transformed services such as shopping, banking, travel and some public and government services.

By providing easy to use and engaging digital platforms that people use routinely we can start to provide the ‘Amazon’ experience to wider public services albeit in a different context. This has been used in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems for a number of years across different sectors. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems have been built bottom up, with a laser focus on putting the customer at the heart of everything.

Taking a customer relationship management approach using best of class solutions may seem alien to the healthcare context but the central ethos of treating a patient like a customer is not as strange as it might seem.  The use of the term customer is not applicable to publicly funded organisations such as the NHS as it implies a financial relationship but could it be re-labelled as patient relationship management?