Sharp focus on citizen service continues

As state, provincial and local governments continue to manage pandemic impacts and new ways of working, they also must consider macro trends, ranging from regulatory and sovereignty issues, to climate change action, to aging populations and talent shortages. At the same time, they face ever-rising citizen digital expectations and the volatility of change. This year’s CGI Voice of Our Clients insights reflect these challenges.

Key findings from our conversations with state, provincial and local government executives in 2021 follow, or you may download the PDF.

Top trends and priorities

Top trends
  1. Becoming digital organizations to meet increasing citizen expectations
  2. Protecting through cybersecurity
  3. Coping with budget pressure through IT consolidation and process automation
Top business priorities
  1. Improve citizen services and experience
  2. Optimize today’s operations and do better for less
  3. Protect the organization as cybersecurity risks mature
Top IT priorities
  1. Digitize and automate business processes to deliver better citizen service
  2. Drive IT modernization to improve efficiency
  3. Protect through cybersecurity


have an enterprise-wide digital strategy
say their digital strategies are producing results—more than twice the 8% in 2020
cite cybersecurity as a top business priority

State, provincial and local government executives indicate accelerated progress in producing expected results from digitization strategies, with 19% citing such results. Among these digital leaders, some common attributes emerge. This table compares responses to questions from the digital leaders to responses from executives whose organizations are still building or launching digital strategies. Learn more about the attributes of digital leaders.

Common attributes of digital leaders

Executives producing
results from
digital strategies

Executives building/launching

Are more sensitive to data privacy laws and regulations



Use managed services and partners more (for infrastructure services)



Modernize their application portfolios



Migrate more applications to the cloud





CGI Voice of Our Clients – State, provincial & local government

Download the CGI Voice of Our Clients – State, provincial & local government PDF