Top trends and priorities focus on cyber security, improving citizen services and experiences

We met with 150 state, provincial and local government executives to identify their top trends and how they are driving their organisational priorities and plans. Technology acceleration and changing social demographics, including aging populations and talent shortages, are their highest impact macro trends.

Cyber security is their top industry trend, while improving citizen services and experiences remains their top business priority. Key IT priorities include digitising and automating business processes and driving IT modernisation. Discover more top trends and priorities.


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Change management is still key
69% say culture change remains the top constraint to achieving business priorities

Greater business model agility needed
just 14% say their business models are highly agile for digitisation

Use of IT managed services to rise
54% cite using full or substantial managed services for IT applications now, rising to 57% in 2 years

Automation maturity grows
Implementation efforts pivot toward more advanced automation and AI

Cyber security strategies progress
51% are operational and 31% are producing results from their cyber strategies

two government employees speaking in front of a building

While most state, provincial and local governments have a digital strategy in place, they are seeing slower progress in achieving results when compared to commercial industries. When comparing insights from the 20% producing results from digital strategies (digital leaders) to those building or launching digital strategies (digital aspirants), common attributes emerge. For example, digital leaders in state, provincial and local government more closely align and integrate their business and IT operations.

Digital Attribute State Prov GOV

See high impact of digitisation on their business model

Digital leaders


Digital aspirants


Digital Attribute State Prov GOV

Realise faster ROI from digitisation strategy

Digital leaders


Digital aspirants


Digital Attribute State Prov GOV

Closely align IT and business operations to support strategy

Digital leaders


Digital aspirants



Motivate employees
through more effective change management.


Use policies and frameworks
in more agile ways to accelerate results.


Consider managed services
to put a clear focus on goals while meeting budgetary challenges.


Use automation
that’s end-to-end and implemented iteratively to get more out of your budget.


Stay vigilant in IT security and compliance
to advance data management.


two government employees viewing data on monitor

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