Unlocking the online potential of fuel cards

CGI FleetPay360 makes online acceptance of fuel cards at scale a reality, and delivers an easier life for fleet managers, drivers and merchants.

Our centralised solution enables multi-brand fuel cards to be used to buy products and services online without a bespoke set-up. Simple for issuers, simple for users, CGI FleetPay360 is our key for unlocking the online potential of tens of millions of fuel cards currently being used at fuel stations around the world.

CGI FleetPay360 allows central online payments across multiple cards, vehicles or drivers. For fleet managers, that means more aggregated spend for goods and services, simplifying invoice and VAT processing. For merchants, it opens up a whole new B2B market with a consistent process covering different card brands. For issuers, untapped revenue streams, partnership and incentive possibilities await. And for drivers, there’s the promise of just one card for all services.



Adding value, removing complexity

CGI FleetPay360 takes the pain out of the value chain, supporting multi-brand fuel card acceptance, allowing merchants and users a simple online transaction.                                            

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Unlocking new customer journeys

Step 1

Fleet customer browses partner web shop, selects products and adds them to their basket.

Step 2

Control passed to CGI FleetPay360. The customer selects the fuel card and enters their payment details on our securely-hosted page.

Step 3

CGI FleetPay360 calls the fuel card’s authorisation system to confirm the payment can be made.

Step 4

Control is passed back to the merchant who delivers the product or service. The issuer invoices the customer directly and reimburses the merchant.

Key Features

  • Centrally handled payments to encourage e-commerce

  • Brings the familiar browsing, basket, payment and invoice journey to fuel cards

  • Simplifies vehicle spend for Fleet Managers

  • No bespoke interface requirement to deter merchant sign-up

  • Single card for drivers

  • Opens the door for issuers to diversify their offer and make strategic partnerships

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