CGI FleetPay360 reinvents the fuel card for the digital age, giving merchants, users and card issuers the basis on which to build a full fleet e-commerce marketplace.


There are tens of millions of fuel cards, sitting in the wallets of fleet drivers all around the world, sharing space with similar cards issued by other fuel companies and also other payment methods. For drivers accessing additional services on the road or fleet managers ordering goods online for the fleet, a payments card shuffle is a familiar ritual. For fleet managers, the results are a headache of invoice reconciliation, expenses reclaim and VAT calculations. For merchants and issuers, the range of products and services they can offer is severely restricted. In an age of expanding e-commerce, the question from all is, why can’t this, and more, be handled in an online marketplace, with easy translations and greater choice?

CGI’s answer is simple. It can. Read our brochure and get the low-down on an innovation that promises a revolution for the fleet industry.

CGI are well placed to drive transformation in the global fleet industry


Over 250 million

transactions processed annually

40 countries

with fleet customers 

25 years

leading fleet innovation


CGI FleetPay360

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One driver, one card. Find out how CGI are simplifying online e-commerce fleet payments and how you might benefit.

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