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: It’s full steam ahead! Director Michelle Sherard talks about the experience she’s drawing upon to build CGIs presence in Northern Ireland, from the importance of talent acquisition to adopting a phased approach to long-term growth.

Russell Briggs
Russell Briggs

Unlock trapped capital to fund your digital transformation – Part 1

19 December 2022 Russell Briggs looks at maximising return on transformation. In the current climate, more organisations are likely to be looking at outsourcing or, as some now call it, managed services, to free up cash in order to invest into their business...

CGI and Aktia have entered into a strategic partnership giving CGI responsibility for a major part of Aktia’s banking IT services, including the development and maintenance of 150 mission-critical applications.

CGI has been named by Forbes magazine as one of the World’s Best Management Consulting Firms for 2022. The annual ranking helps business leaders evaluate management consulting companies as they seek expert guidance in navigating today’s fast-changing business environment. CGI’s...

Lisa White
Lisa White

Putting people at the heart of a digital healthcare system

11 July 2022 It’s time to create an interactive ecosystem where care partners and patients is crucial in improving access to services and healthcare outcomes.

We are proud to have been recognised with the SDI Industry Recognition Award for service excellence, having retained our 5 star accreditation for eleven years.

The five-year extension will further extend our 21-year relationship and we continue to deliver a wide range of IT services supporting Elexon’s digital transformation strategy.