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We have created a virtual reality (VR) environment in a pro-bono project for Bettridge School, a school for children with Special Educational Needs (SEN).

Carwyn Cook
Carwyn Cook

Small place, huge potential: The role of Smart Campus as a proving ground for Smart Place innovation

18 July 2022 In many areas, local authorities are exploring the potential of Smart Place technologies to improve outcomes both for citizens and for the local economy. At the other end of the scale, we find Smart Campus – but what exactly is...

Alan Nunn
Alan Nunn

Private networks – time to get real

01 June 2022 CGI’s Communications expert, Alan Nunn, discusses how private network adoption will enable new and transformative technologies for enterprise and the public sector.

Teachers can monitor and track pupil performance at any time throughout the school year, including in real time using CGI’s Monitoring & Tracking solution.

Enabling universities to transform into revitalised brands that provide the strongest digital experiences for students, alumni, staff and investors.

CGI SensorInsights360 will be implemented through a Smart City Operations Centre, bringing Smart City transformations to Edinburgh.

Our Empowered Learning solution is transforming education across Scotland. Hear firsthand from the City of Edinburgh Council, local secondary school teachers and students how we're supporting the teaching and learning of Scotland's future with technology.